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How To Get Amazing Lashes With Million Dollar Lash Booster

Build a Long, Lush Lash with this Beeswax-based Booster/Primer!

GENIE Million Dollar Lash Booster is the first step to build more beautiful eyelashes! Prime, condition and hydrate to build better eyelashes with GENIE Million Dollar Lash Booster. This beeswax-based formula is rich, ultra-hydrating and is the first step to creating eyelashes that are thicker, longer and full of volume AND will never flake, smudge or become brittle.

This is a unique wax-based formula so you will need to prime the brush. Initially there will be no product on the brush. To prime, pump the brush in and out of the base container and twirl the brush in the container until you see product on the brush. Then, begin with the GENIE Million Dollar Lash Booster against the base of your lashes and comb up through the ends. GENIE TIP: Be generous in applying the GENIE Million Dollar Lash Booster for longer, thicker dollar Lashes. The more you apply, the bigger the lash! Now you are ready to apply your mascara directly on top of the GENIE Million Dollar Lash Booster—you do not need to wait for the booster to dry. (GENIE Million Dollar Lash Booster is formulated to pair perfectly with GENIE Million Dollar Mascara.)

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