Full Coverage, Line Smoothing Concealer

Line Smoothing, Anti-Aging, Full-Coverage, Natural-Looking Concealer!

Line-Smoothing, antiaging, full-coverage, invisible-on-the-skin—that’s what makes GENIE Instant Line-Smoothing Concealer so unique. GENIE Instant Line-Smoothing Concealer covers your dark under eye circles, pigmentation, blemishes and age spots instantly without emphasizing lines and wrinkles with this rich, creamy lightweight-feeling formula. Incredibly smooth, skin-perfecting concealer gives you maximum, waterproof relief for instant coverage and brightness while bathing your skin with a powerhouse of anti-aging ingredients such as safflower seed oil, sweet almond oil and shea butter as well as vitamin E and hyaluronic acid.

Twirl applicator to dispense stick and apply to problem area. Tap into skin to blend. Be sure to blend under and around eye if concealing under-eye area. GENIE Instant Line-Smoothing Concealer can be applied under or over foundation, and should be applied after GENIE Instant Line Smoother. Then set the concealer by using Genie Cashmere Powder on top of it.

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