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The Ultimate Makeup and Skincare Kit

Are you looking for the Ultimate deal? This is the Miss Congeniality of kits– this kit includes all of GENIE’S most popular items.

You receive:
• GENIE Instant Line Smoother (19ml)
• GENIE Dream Cream (50ml)
• GENIE H’eye’drator Eye Cream(15ml)
• GENIE Make Me Blush (3g)
• GENIE Small Kabuki Brush
• GENIE Cashmere Powder (9g)
• GENIE Medium Kabuki Brush
• GENIE Tips and Tricks DVD

$195.00 $129.00

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Before and After

Dream Cream

Instant Line Smoother


Make Me Blush

You have the opportunity to learn from the best-Patty Bunch! Patty is my friend, my makeup mentor and has been a Hollywood Makeup Artist for over 30 years on many of the sitcoms we grew up with and some that we love today. Patty and I have put together my favorite Tips and Tricks to make it super easy for you to look and feel terrific! Here’s to looking Simply Flawless and Fabulous!

Individual results may vary. All before and after photos are representative examples.


Where can I use GENIE Instant Line Smoother?

GENIE Instant Line Smoother can be used from your hairline to your bust line; anywhere you want younger smoother looking skin. GENIE is great for bags and puffiness around the eyes and works wonders on creepy skin from your neck down onto your décolleté.

GENIE doesn’t seem to work for me– what am I doing wrong?

It may be a skin care item you are using is not absorbing fully into your skin. You need to make sure your moisturizer is full absorbed (where you can’t see any “shine” sitting on your skin) before applying GENIE. Also make sure NOT to rub in GENIE. You need to apply it to your face but leave it “wet” looking. This will give you the best result.

How long does GENIE Last?

One application of GENIE will last all day until you wash it off.

Can I use GENIE with Make-up?

GENIE Instant Line Smoother can be used under your normal make-up. We also recommend you mix GENIE with your foundation or try GENIE Line-Smoothing Foundation.

What if GENIE turns white after applied?

GENIE has a built in indicator that lets you know if you have applied too much product. If the GENIE you have applied turns white, you have applied too much. Use a small amount of moisturizing gel or lotion to blend away the whiteness without losing your smooth new look.

“My face feels tight…”

Some people may feel a slight tightening as the GENIE dries. This is perfectly normal and lets you know that the product is working. This feeling should subside after the product has fully dried.

Is GENIE Dream Cream for nighttime only?

GENIE Dream Cream can be used day & night for incredibly hydrated, plump and firm skin.

If I use GENIE Dream Cream during the day in conjunction with GENIE Instant Line Smoother, what order should they be layered?

Apply GENIE Dream Cream first and 3 pumps of Genie Instant Line Smoother second.

What makes GENIE Dream Cream so moisturizing?

Hyaluronic Acid absorbs and binds up to 100X its weight in moisture.

What ingredients in GENIE Dream Cream diminish wrinkles?

Alpha Lipoic Acid & Matrixyl 3000 reduces wrinkles, fine lines & discoloration resulting in fresher, even-toned skin.

What skin type should use GENIE Dream Cream?

All skin types can use and benefit from GENIE Dream Cream.

Why do the eyes show wrinkles quicker than any other part of the face?

There are few to no oil glands in the eye area so lines appear early. The addition and retention of moisture is imperative for skin health and beauty.

What makes GENIE H’eye’drator Eye Cream so intense, but lightweight?

Hyaluronic Acid binds moisture and absorbs 100X its weight in hydration.

What soothes & heals the skin in GENIE H’eye’drator Eye Cream?

The combination of Vitamin E & Cucumber Extract calms, repairs and protects eye area from harmful effects of free-radical damage.

Clinical Studies

GENIE Instant Line Smoother

Using Clinical Instrumentation Testing:

In an independent consumer study after a SINGLE application:

Within 2 MINUTES:

• 90% Saw reduced appearance of under eye puffiness.

• 90% Saw skin that felt softer & smoother.

• 81% Saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & crows feet.

Within 4 WEEKS:

• 97% Saw reduced appearance of under eye puffiness.

• 94% Saw skin that felt softer & smoother.

• 87% Saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & crows feet.

GENIE Dream Cream

Using Clinical Instrumentation Testing:

100% of all participants showed a clinically measured increase in hydration of 400% after just 15 minutes.

In an independent consumer study after a SINGLE application:

• 83% of the participants feel that GENIE Dream Cream delivers an instant firming effect.

• 100% of participants feel their skin feels hydrated and smooth.

• 83% of all participants felt the overall appearance of their skin improved.

• 100% of all participants feel their skin appears refreshed after applying.

• 97% of all participants feel the texture of their skin feels smoother.

• 93% of participants felt that their skin was instantly hydrated immediately after using GENIE Dream Cream.

• 100% of participants feel using GENIE Dream Cream makes their skin feel refreshed.

• 97% of all participants like how quickly GENIE Dream Cream penetrates into their skin.


GENIE Instant Line Smoother

I Look and Feel Younger!

“I love the GENIE Instant Line Smoother! I had my photo taken today at school (I am a primary school teacher) and the same photographer has taken these shots for the last 5 years. Today she said to me ‘What’s your secret? You look younger than when I first took your photo back in 2010!’ to which I replied, ‘I’ve got a Genie in a bottle in my bathroom!”

-Margaret, Australia

Very Happy with my Purchase!

“I just got it in the mail, washed my face, put it on my very very deep frown line between the eyebrows and holy cow – it’s gone!!!! I needed 3 applications because that’s how deep it is, but it worked!! My hubby even noticed. This is truly a magic Genie in a bottle.”

-Liz, Rhode Island

Compliments All Around!

“I’m 50 years old and most people said I looked younger without using the product. With the product I hear things like ” you look really nice today” “you must have had a good night’s rest” “you seem extra happy today”. This product, when used correctly, and it does have a learning curve, gives you a refreshed, well rested, aging gracefully appearance, it does not make you look like you are trying too hard or are afraid of aging. It also has long term benefits, I’ve already noticed an improvement in my skin without the product on, which was a very unexpected surprise. I use it daily as a primer and it’s fantastic. Don’t believe the negative reviews, they are probably applying it wrong.”


GENIE Dream Cream

It really is a DREAM CREAM!

“Love, love, love this cream – really is a “Dream Cream”. I cannot use a lot of products due to my very sensitive skin, but have had no problems with this cream. My skin is so soft.”

-Lauren from Brisbane, AU

Beautiful, Hydrating Night Cream

“This is the best night creme I have used. I have dry sensitive skin and this goes straight in. It is not greasy or perfumed. Skin feels great. Used it with GENIE eye hydrating creme. Best I have used. I have tried all top brands over the years. Highly recommend. AAA +++” 

-Jeanette from Melbourne, AU

Love this Cream!

“I really like this cream and find myself using it both morning and night. My skin is quite dry this cream leaves it smooth, soft and hydrated. Also, I had a sun spot on my nose that would not heal and to my surprise this cream has taken it away. Just love it. Thank you GENIE!”

-April from Perth, AU

Brighter by Morning!

“Yesterday I finished this kit. I am 50 years old and still have beautiful skin but obviously the demands are not those of the very young! I must say that I found these very good products. Especially in the first two weeks of use, my skin “drank” this night cream and my skin was brighter and more hydrated, even in the morning after the evening use.”

-Cindy from London, UK

Hydrating, non-greasy & nice texture!

“I decided to add the Genie Dream Cream to my existing skincare regimen, as my skin was struggling a bit through the long cold winter we had this year. Even though I have oily to combination skin, my skin was in need of a bit of extra hydration. But I didn’t want to add anything heavy or greasy, and I liked the look of this cream on the presentations during the last Genie shows. It has a really nice texture – reminds me of something in between a gel and a cream, and absorbs quickly without any greasy residue. My skin feels hydrated and smooth after application, and it also has a soothing effect on my skin. I can see myself using cream this on its own over the summer, as I generally don’t feel like putting many (or any!) products on my face. However I still want something that will replenish the hydration in my skin, and have some anti-aging treatment in it without that feeling of having anything on my face – and this cream checks those boxes for me.”

Patty from Adelaide, SA

GENIE H’eye’drator Eye Cream

Another Great GENIE Product!

“This is a lovely, light and silky eye cream. My eye area is very sensitive and this cream is very soothing and gentle. I am very happy with this purchase.”

-Charlotte from Brisbane, AU.

FANTASTIC! Best Eye Cream I have Ever used!

“This is the best eye creme I have ever used. I had dry skin and this hydrated immediately. Feels fabulous on and works better than all the top brands I have tried over many years. Highly recommend.”

-Janette from Melbourne, AU.

GENIE Cashmere Powder

Gives Radiance to your Skin!

“I bought the smaller 3g size for a trial and love it! A lovely sheer coverage, looks natural using the kabuki brush, skin appears radiant and glowing. Sooo happy with this product have just ordered the Large Hollywood Kit containing the blush as well!” 

-Mary from Wollongong, AU

Absolutely Lovely & so Finely Milled!

This Cashmere Powder really is amazing! It still allows a glow to show through your skin and it does not settle in my lines. It does not get cakey over the day like some face powders do. Mostly it looks better as the day goes on. I have tried a few powder brands at TVSN but so far this has to be my all-time favorite. My skin really looks amazing with this on! I look airbrushed but with a glow!

-Sandi, Australia

I was Lost Without it!

“I am over the moon this powder is back in stock as it did sell out for a while and I was lost. I tried other very good brands but never as good as this one. I am 49 and this powder does not fall into my lines and wrinkles but just makes them look softer and holds my foundation in place. I would not be without this so please do not sell out again. Thank you”

-Skinny from Poole Dorset, UK

I nearly gave up on powder, until I tried THIS!!

This Cashmere Powder is absolutely beautiful! It is silky smooth, extremely fine and gives a very refined airbrushed look to my liquid makeup! It “sets” my foundation perfectly and I find as the day progresses into the evening my makeup just keeps looking better and better, as though I have perfect skin. The divinely textured powder never sits in my wrinkles or looks dull and “cakey”. I am nearly 49 years old and had previously given up on powder until I decided to give powder one more go. I am so happy that I tried the GENIE Cashmere Powder. It is by far the most gorgeous and sheer veil of finishing powder I have ever used.

-Charlotte, Australia

Great Powder! Even Better Brush!

“A million thanks for bringing the full size compact back to stock. This powder will not change the colour of your skin or sit in fine lines and wrinkles. It gives a soft focus to the complexion, taking down shine and minimizing pores. The brush is the best I’ve tried.”

-Pitbabe from Derbyshire, UK

My New Favorite!

This translucent powder is my new favorite product for setting my liquid foundation. It’s so soft in texture and sits on the skin perfectly.

-Gemma, Australia

GENIE Make Me Blush


“A very pretty and easy product to use. The blush is subtle, and I’ve used it both during the week for work, and on weekends for a hint of colour. Lovely size, handy to carry and the shade is a pretty rose colour which can be “built” up if required. Highly recommend this blush.

-Nat from Sydney, AU

Very Impressed!

“Please don’t be put off by the colour of the product in the compact. It is an absolutely lovely glowing blusher. The brush is very soft and is perfect for applying the cream blush. It gives a very natural finish and the colour is more of a lovely healthy glow rather than a patch of colour. It blends very easily into the skin and is perfect when worn over SPF protection. It is much more flattering and less drying than powder blushes. I am very impressed.

-Tanyth from Liverpool, UK

5 out of 5!

“This blush is very subtle, quite lovely as a multi-task item, can be used on the lips and eyes also and the brush is FANTASTIC, I use it for applying primer and foundation, no hairs on the face like other brushes..

-Figaro from Bowral, AU

Just Beautiful!

“I love this product because it gives a nice “healthy glow” to the skin. It’s perfect for a natural, chic look … excellent as blush, but also can be used on eyelids and lips for a hint of color!” 

-Janet from Sydney, AU

Best Blush I Have Ever Used!

“I have been using xxxxxx and xxxxxx blushes, which are excellent. But this beats them all. I was skeptical about applying a cream with a brush, but it works, and works brilliantly. The look you get is completely natural and radiant – and the colour is perfect for my skin tone. It doesn’t look like makeup, it looks like a natural glow – and it lasts. I don’t know how they do it, but it works, and I am a convert. I don’t think I’ll be using any other blush from now on, so please, QVC, don’t stop selling this!”

-Foxyroxy from Nottinghamshire, UK

My “Natural Look” Must Have!

“I love this blush! As mentioned in other reviews, it creates a very natural look, giving a beautiful and bright color to the cheeks. I also love that you can use this on your eyes and lips. Highly recommended!” 

-Erica from Long Beach, CA


“Make Me Blush is such a fabulous product, I use it on my lips & cheeks, it stays on all day, and it’s such a great everyday colour. Will definitely be re-purchasing!” 

-Julie from Adelaide, AU


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$195.00 $129.00

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