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Million Dollar Mascara

Patented, Volumizing V Applicator Gives You TWICE As Much Lash

•This patented applicator has a unique double row of bristles that create a “V” shape to gives you twice the surface for combing through your lashes and actually applies twice as much mascara to your eyelash with just one swipe.


Individual results may vary. All before and after photos are representative examples.

Lash-boosting SILICA FIBERS

•The soft, velvet silica fibers enrich this creamy formula to visually expand as well as lengthen your lashes. This formula helps you build the lashes you’ve always wanted. Add width and volume to your lashes as well as thicken lashes from the base all the way to the tips. Your lashes will dramatically transform and resemble professional lash extensions.

Natural Glycerin, Beeswax and Carnauba Wax SOFTEN and CONDITION

•This special blend of beeswax, carnauba wax and glycerin protect and treat your lashes all day long. This rich, creamy, unique formula is loaded with nylon fibers that cling to eyelashes like mini lash extensions; helping your lashes to curl up, look longer, lusher and instantly fuller. Does NOT CONTAIN ALCOHOL or other drying agents so you will not experience flaking or clumping.

No clumping, flaking or crunchy lashes

•You get unbelievable building, thickening and volumizing capabilities.

I wear contact lenses, is this safe for contact lens wearers?

Yes. This product is hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free and Ophthalmologist-tested.

Is this mascara waterproof?

No, it is not water-proof, it is water and smudge-resistant. There is a big difference when it comes to removing the mascara. We have all gone through the horror and pain of trying to remove water-proof mascara. It is water-resistant enough to stay on all day without sliding off or smudging.

How to use:

1. MAKE SURE the “V” shape of the applicator is tilted toward (not away) from your eye. If you are using, GENIE TLC Plus Lash Booster, apply the mascara right on top of the booster. (You don’t have to wait for the booster to dry)


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