One Minute Makeup Kit


Our most popular kit worldwide pairing GENIE Make Me Blush and GENIE Cashmere Translucent Finishing Powder. The one-two punch that will give you a natural, finished look in under a minute! You can’t get ready much faster than that! These are the two products that will become you “must haves”  – a natural-looking multi-use cream blush and a transparent, line-smoothing powder!


GENIE Cashmere Translucent Finishing Powder

  • Triple milled – so you get one of the softest!, most lightweight powders you will experience. It has been milled down three times to get the smallest particles possible.
  • Non-drying formula will not cake or settle into fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Translucent/Transparent/Clear – imparts no color, just luminescence.
  • Pressed for portability but acts like a loose powder.
  • Helps set your foundation, enabling it to last longer.
  • Soft, Luminous, Youthful.
  • Contains T-Complex, a super MMP-Inhibitor, to help tone and revitalize your complexion while reducing free radical damage.
  • Infused with Vitamin E, Soy Protein and Aloe Vera, GENIE Cashmere Translucent Finishing Powder helps protect and condition the skin against free radical damage and helps reduce the signs of aging.
  • Contains Aloe Vera for increased hydration and moisture.

GENIE Make Me Blush Cream to Powder Blush

  • Micronized minerals transforms from a cream into a powder that instantly adds radiance and color to your skin.
  • Fresh, Natural shade – gives you that fresh color in your cheeks as if you just blushed!
  • Great for eyes, lips and cheeks.
  • Ideal for busy women – this one compact perks up your whole face.
  • Build-able Color – one application will give you a sheer wash of color. Two applications give you a more definite pop of color.
  • Three applications definitely deepen the intensity and is perfect for evenings out.
  • A Gorgeous glow instantly – no gloss, glitter or metallics.
  • One magical shade fits all! This color is wearable for virtually any skin tone from the deepest dark to the lightest of light.
  • Instant, more youthful-looking skin – Instantly adds natural radiance to lips, cheeks and eyes.
  • No more looking washed out.
  • New Cosmetic Technology – allows easy, creamy application that transforms into a powdery, radiant finish.



GENIE Cashmere Powder

What makes this powder unique?

This powder has been triple milled. This means that is has been micro-milled (ground down) three separate times to give you the most fine powder available.

GENIE Make Me Blush

This product feels so different, why?

The advanced technology used in this formula is easily detectable by the feel of this unique product. The sheer, creamy color will “set” after a few minutes and transform into a matte, powdery finish.

What does “buildable” mean?

You control the color. You can apply one sheer layer for all over color or layer it to be used as blush, eye shadow or lip color.

How does this color work?

The micronized minerals are color-infused reflective pigments. The color is dimensional so that as the light bounces off of it the eye sees a soft color. The color also reflects your natural skin tone so that what someone sees when they look at you is you, only with more soft, rosy color.


GENIE Cashmere Powder

Using your kabuki brush, swirl powder onto your brush. Then take the base of the brush (the gold flat part) and bang it down on your countertop. This is called “loading” your brush with the powder. It’s a make up artist technique and it loads your brush with powder rather than the powder just sitting on the very tips of the brushes and falling all over your countertop or making a blotch on your face.

Then buff the powder into your skin from the center of yor face to the outside edge. One of Patty’s most important tips on creating a natural look is to BLEND, BLEND, BLEND!!! This is the product (powder) and tool (kabuki brush) you use to BLEND!

GENIE Make Me Blush

For Fresh, Healthy Cheeks

Apply Make Me Blush over foundation or onto clean skin. Use your fingers as the warmth of your fingers transforms the creamy formulation into a silky wash of color. Dot the apple of your cheek and blend it out onto your cheekbone. Use sparingly at first and build the depth of color desired by adding layers.

To Use as Blush

Apply Make Me Blush, build the layers to create the depth of color you desire.

For Wide-Open Eyes

Using your fingertips or eyeshadow brush, blend color over your entire eye area. You can create a variety of looks. Apply over whole eye area when you are on the go! Blend with your favorite powdered eye shadows mixing textures gives you a more modern look! Apply Make Me blush over your eyelid and use a lighter powder shade under your brow.

For a more dramatic look, build another layer over Make Me Blush color.

For Natural-Looking Lips

Apply with fingertips or lip brush. Apply to the center of each lip and work your way out to the corners. Create a different look by applying over your favorite lip color or apply your favorite lip gloss over Make Me Blush.


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