Million Dollar Lash Booster

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Build a Long, Lush Lash with this Beeswax-based Booster/Primer!

GENIE Million Dollar Lash Booster is the first step to build more beautiful eyelashes! Prime, condition and hydrate to build better eyelashes with GENIE Million Dollar Lash Booster. This beeswax-based formula is rich, ultra-hydrating and is the first step to creating eyelashes that are thicker, longer and full of volume AND will never flake, smudge or become brittle.

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GENIE Million Dollar Lash Booster is compatible with your favorite mascara and is formulated to pair perfectly with GENIE Million Dollar Mascara.  GENIE Million Dollar Lash Booster formulation does not include parabens, alcohol or fragrance.

Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist-Tested, Smudge Proof, Flake Proof.

Lash-Boosting Beeswax

•Soft, velvet silica fibers are included in the rich formula to visually expand as well as lengthen your lashes. This formula helps you build the lashes you always wanted. Add width and volume to your lashes as well as thicken lashes from the base all the way to the tips. Your lashes will dramatically transform and resemble professional lash extensions.

Natural Glycerin, Beeswax and Carnauba Wax SOFTEN and CONDITION

•This special blend of beeswax, carnauba wax and glycerin protect and treat your lashes all day long. This rich, creamy, unique formula cling to eyelashes to look like lash extensions; helping your lashes to curl , look longer, lusher and instantly fuller. Does NOT CONTAIN ALCOHOL or other drying agents so you will not experience flaking or clumping.

Vitamins A, C and Green Tea

•Antioxidant Vitamins and botanicals nourish your lashes and protect them from breakage.

CURVED BRUSH with DIAMOND-shaped bristles gives Ultimate CURL and LIFT

•Unique molded, curved brush has diamond shaped bristles and is specifically designed to give your lashes ultimate curl, definition and lift. Adds volume by coating each individual lash, helps lashes appear plumped and instantly fuller.


Want Glam, Reach for the Sky, Look like Extensions, Super Luxe Lashes? Then this tutorial is for you! This kit has everything you need for Million Dollar Lashes!

GENIE Million Dollar Lash Booster and GENIE Million Dollar Mascara visually add volume, length and thickness to dramatically transform sparse and thin lashes into lush lashes that look like a million bucks!


I wear contact lenses, is this safe for contact lens wearers?

Yes. This product is hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free and Ophthalmologist-tested.


This is a unique wax-based formula so you will need to prime the brush. Initially there will be no product on the brush. To prime, pump the brush in and out of the base container and twirl the brush in the container until you see product on the brush. Then, begin with the GENIE Million Dollar Lash Booster against the base of your lashes and comb up through the ends. GENIE TIP: Be generous in applying the GENIE Million Dollar Lash Booster for longer, thicker dollar Lashes. The more you apply, the bigger the lash! Now you are ready to apply your mascara directly on top of the GENIE Million Dollar Lash Booster—you do not need to wait for the booster to dry. (GENIE Million Dollar Lash Booster is formulated to pair perfectly with GENIE Million Dollar Mascara.)

7 reviews for Million Dollar Lash Booster

  1. lorraine63

    Great product. love this genie booster will not be without it,gives me those extra long lashes that i didnt even know i had.

  2. Cartaf

    Your lashes will love this! Loving this booster! I’ve used other brands in the past and none seem to coat my lashes like this one. It covers every lash from base to ends. My lashes are growing and are strong. I have very fine short lashes and when I use to curl them they would break. I’m using this with the million dollar mascara and together they make my lashes look plump and long

  3. ColieInVA

    Fantastic Volume In Seconds. I have fair lashes with very little pigment. Usually taking multiple coats of mascara to get any sort of volume no matter the brand. At first, I was skeptical that a booster would help much. With Million Dollar Lash Booster, I was able to achieve amazing volume with only one coat of the booster and one coat of mascara. The results are fantastic. There is no need to wait after using the booster. You can go straight to applying mascara with no dry time in between. The packaging insert explains that bee’s wax is a primary ingredient. (If you are vegan this could be an issue). When using only mascara I would experience a lot of flaking and my lashes were more brittle. Having used Million Dollar Booster for several weeks, my lashes feel softer and I experience much less flaking during wear.”

  4. Kyky

    Does what it says! I love this lash booster. It works. Perfect paired with the Million$$ Mascara, although I have found that it works well with any mascara. It lengthens and thickens without clumps.

  5. Christine123456

    Long lashes in seconds! I’d given up on long lashes, but I read lots of great reviews and they were right….my almost non-existent lashes were long in mere moments.

  6. Wendy Ann

    This booster is the MAGIC under the mascara. This has given me longer, thicker eyelashes!! A++

  7. Lori K

    Love the booster to help my eyelashes appear fuller!

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