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Genie Translucent Setting Powder with Kabuki Brush

Is your powder making you look older? Find out why Hollywood actresses and television newscasters rely on GENIE Translucent Setting Powder—once you feel it you will know this is a game-changer. This transparent, completely clear powder sets your makeup so it lasts all day and creates a soft focus finish without overly mattifying the skin. Because it is Triple-milled it will never emphasize your lines or wrinkles. Comes with Kabuki brush.


This powder WON’T make you look old!

  • Perfect for use with GENIE Line-Smoothing Foundation and GENIE Instant Line Smoother.
  • Triple milled – so you get one of the softest, most lightweight powders you will experience. It has been ground down three times to get the smallest particles possible.
  • Contains T-1 Complex, a super MMP-inhibitor, to help tone and revitalize your complexion while reducing free-radical damage.
  • Non-drying formula will not cake or settle into fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Infused with our signature T-One complex, Vitamin E, Soy Protein and Aloe Vera, GENIE Cashmere powder helps to protect and condition the skin against free radical damage and helps to reduce the signs of aging.
  • Contains Aloe Vera for increased hydration and moisture.
  • Translucent/Transparent/Clear – imparts no color, just luminescence.
  • Pressed for portability but acts like a loose powder.
  • Helps set your foundation enabling it to last longer. Soft, luminous youthful appearance.
  • Good for your skin ingredients – Also contains Vitamin E and Soybean Oil.
What makes this powder unique?

This powder has been triple milled. This means that is has been micro-milled (ground down) three separate times to give you the most fine powder available.

Your Kabuki Brush is the softest I’ve ever used – Why is it so great?

We spent a lot of time refining this brush and were VERY picky about the quality. We think it’s ultra-important since this is what touches your skin! It is made from Taklon,a fantastic synthetic hair. Many other brushes are made of animal hair! Yuck! We also had the “hair” cut a particular way in order to apply product in the most effective way.

Gives Radiance to your Skin!

“I bought the smaller 3g size for a trial and love it! A lovely sheer coverage, looks natural using the kabuki brush, skin appears radiant and glowing. Sooo happy with this product have just ordered the Large Hollywood Kit containing the blush as well!” 

-Mary from Wollongong, AU

Absolutely Lovely & so Finely Milled!

This Cashmere Powder really is amazing! It still allows a glow to show through your skin and it does not settle in my lines. It does not get cakey over the day like some face powders do. Mostly it looks better as the day goes on. I have tried a few powder brands at TVSN but so far this has to be my all-time favorite. My skin really looks amazing with this on! I look airbrushed but with a glow!

-Sandi, Australia

I was Lost Without it!

“I am over the moon this powder is back in stock as it did sell out for a while and I was lost. I tried other very good brands but never as good as this one. I am 49 and this powder does not fall into my lines and wrinkles but just makes them look softer and holds my foundation in place. I would not be without this so please do not sell out again. Thank you”

-Skinny from Poole Dorset, UK

I nearly gave up on powder, until I tried THIS!!

This Cashmere Powder is absolutely beautiful! It is silky smooth, extremely fine and gives a very refined airbrushed look to my liquid makeup! It “sets” my foundation perfectly and I find as the day progresses into the evening my makeup just keeps looking better and better, as though I have perfect skin. The divinely textured powder never sits in my wrinkles or looks dull and “cakey”. I am nearly 49 years old and had previously given up on powder until I decided to give powder one more go. I am so happy that I tried the GENIE Cashmere Powder. It is by far the most gorgeous and sheer veil of finishing powder I have ever used.

-Charlotte, Australia

Great Powder! Even Better Brush!

“A million thanks for bringing the full size compact back to stock. This powder will not change the colour of your skin or sit in fine lines and wrinkles. It gives a soft focus to the complexion, taking down shine and minimizing pores. The brush is the best I’ve tried.”

-Pitbabe from Derbyshire, UK

My New Favorite!

This translucent powder is my new favorite product for setting my liquid foundation. It’s so soft in texture and sits on the skin perfectly.

-Gemma, Australia

Using your kabuki brush, swirl powder onto your brush. Then take the base of the brush (the gold flat part) and bang it down on your countertop. This is called “loading” your brush with the powder. It’s a make up artist technique and it loads your brush with powder rather than the powder just sitting on the very tips of the brushes and falling all over your countertop or making a blotch on your face.

Then buff the powder into your skin from the center of yor face to the outside edge. One of Patty’s most important tips on creating a natural look is to BLEND, BLEND, BLEND!!! This is the product (powder) and tool (kabuki brush) you use to BLEND!


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