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Color Correcting Powder

Malachite extract instantly acts as an anti-inflammatory and calms redness caused by Rosacea, hypersensitive skin, hormonal fluctuations, broken capillaries, and weather-beaten skin. This “green” color transforms into clear when it touches your red skin.


Individual results may vary. All before and after photos are representative examples.

This triple-milled, radiant powder gives you a silky finish that helps conceal and camouflage the appearance of redness due to…

• Harsh weather
• Broken capillaries
• Rosacea Acne
• Hormonal fluctuations
• Uneven skin tone
• Hyper-sensitive skin
• Hypoallergenic, Fragrance-Free, Dermatologist-Tested

The ultra-fine texture and amazing blend of light fibers in GENIE Cashmere Color Correcting Powder gives you instant relief from redness. The green tint disappears on application and provides a calm, cool, collected look. Giving you a soft, luminous youthful glow that offers incredible coverage and a beautiful even-toned finish, this powder is perfect for all types of redness from acne to hormonal fluctuations. GENIE Cashmere Color Correcting Powder is so fine (micro-milled three times!) that it gives you a brilliant finish while “floating” ON your skin NOT settling into lines. This loose powder sets your foundation, is “good” for your skin and can be used throughout the day to control redness.

It makes you feel cool and look refreshed!

Will the green hue of GENIE Cashmere Color Correcting Powder make me look “green”?

Absolutely not, in the light spectrum green cancels out red. So when you dust on the color correcting powder all you will see is smoother, even-toned skin.

Can I use GENIE Cashmere Color Correcting Powder on any foundation?

GENIE Cashmere Color Correcting Powder provides a beautiful finish on ALL foundations & complexions.

Is GENIE Cashmere Color Correcting Powder only for redness in skin?

Yes, it is specifically designed to combat redness, whether the redness is caused by acne, rosacea, hormonal fluctuations or harsh weather.

No More Redness for Me!

“I have rosacea and this Color Correcting Powder really evens out my skin tone. No more redness. I can’t be without it!”

-J.B from Long Beach, CA


“I have very noticeable broken capillaries on my face and have tried numerous corrective green creams, none have worked till now. This product is great, the best I’ve tried so far and doesn’t irritate my extremely sensitive skin.” 

-Bonnie from Yarra Valley, AU

Apply with Kabuki brush and blend completely.

*Very Important

If using GENIE Instant Line Smoother as a primer, wait until it has totally dried before applying foundation or powder.


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