Does the world need another mineral foundation? Yes, if it looks like this!

Once you feel it you’ll get it . . . This foundation is Different!

We had a request from one of our international partners for us to create a mineral foundation for them.   This really put me in a tough spot because I really disliked powder and mineral foundations.  I was about to change my mind . . . . .

I was not going to create a “Genie Mineral Foundation” unless we could make it better and dramatically different than any mineral makeup already on the market.   I absolutely despise it when a brand does a “me too” product and I refuse to do it with Genie.  You’ve heard me say, “Genie doesn’t make eyeshadows so please go buy a great MAC shadow” and until I know a way to create a product that busts open a category with all of our “Genie” criteria we won’t launch.  So  back to  the mineral foundation story . . . . I met with our chemists with my list of a “dream” powder/mineral foundation and brainstormed with them on how we could make it a “GENIE” mineral product . . . . and my number one goal was to give you super-smooth, naturally healthy, younger-looking, fresher-looking skin that would give you flawless looking skin in minutes without all the downsides of a traditional mineral powder (too shiny, emphasizes lines & wrinkles, obvious on your skin)

The answer was the ingredient Japanese Honeysuckle extract.  And the exciting thing is what it does! Japanese Honeysuckle is currently used in Chinese medicine for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It is also an anti-microbial.  What that means for you is a calming, soothing effect on your skin.  It is also a fantastic conditioner so that the minerals will not emphasize wrinkles and will not crease. And best of all it doesn’t feel like powder, it actually feels like a cream!

This all-natural Japanese Honeysuckle extract gives this mineral foundation great smoothness, creaminess and keeps the minerals from creasing into lines and wrinkles.  I spare no expense in making sure the best ingredients make up products.  This extract is made only from the honeysuckle flower buds and makes it quite expensive (about 50 times more expensive than most raw materials used in ordinary mineral foundations) and you can certainly feel (and see) the difference in Nutratanicals Full-Coverage Antioxidant Foundation.

I think you’re worth it and I hope you love this product as much as I did creating it for you.

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Lisa Claycomb

Lisa Claycomb

Consumer Products Pioneer, Innovator, and Brand Developer, Lisa Claycomb has been leading a Skin Care Revolution for the past two decades. As the founder and President of Genie Beauty, Lisa has created a series of groundbreaking products that have invigorated and reshaped the industry.

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