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GENIE Instant Line Smoother
GENIE Instant Line Smoother
Instant Line Smoother 30ml
Instant Line Smoother 19ml

GENIE Instant Line Smoother is a clear cosmetic that instantly smoothes away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, bags and puffiness. Your skin will look younger, smoother and firmer within minutes and lasts for hours.

GENIE Instant Line Smoother can be used on the bags and wrinkles around your eyes, mouth, forehead, lips, neck and décolleté – anywhere you want to look younger and smoother.


  1. Allow your skin care products (ie. moisturizer particularly) to COMPLETELY absorb. This means you should not be able to "see" any moisturizer sitting on top of your skin.
  2. Then apply two pumps of GENIE into your hand and apply all over your face including your eyelids and down your neck onto your decollete. DO NOT RUB THE PRODUCT IN. This may feel a little odd at first but just let it absorb into your skin.  It should look "wet" when you first apply it. 

  3. It should be dry in about 2-3 minutes.  Then apply your make up as usual.
  4. If you want a greater smoothing effect or need more smoothing in a particular area (ie. under your eyes, etc.) go back and apply an additional layer in that area. Remember to let the product completely dry before applying more product.

GENIE has a built-in indicator, if you see a white residue or "halo", it means you have applied too much. Simply blend away with a small amount of moisturizing gel or lotion. Next time, use less product.  You may also feel a  firming effect as GENIE smoothes your skin and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles. This is normal and indicates that the product is working. It should relax after it has completely dried.


Deonionized Water, Aloe Vera Gel and Hydrolyzed Collagen, Sodium Silicate, Propylene Glycol, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Cellulose gum, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Tocopherol (Vitamin-E), Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin-A), Cucumber Extract, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin-C), Hydrolyzed Silk Proteins.

  • To stop your lipstick from bleeding . . . make sure to use on the lines above your top lip. If there isn't a line for the lipstick to move to, it will stay in place better. 
  • It feels great to put your GENIE in the refrigerator-- it is really refreshing to use it cold and it will not harm the product in any way.
  • You can even use GENIE Instant Line Smoother into your foundation for a quick, easy one-step application. Simply mix equal parts of GENIE with your normal foundation and apply with a gentle patting motion. You may vary the amount of GENIE you mix in to get the desired smoothing effect. Every foundation is different, so experiment to see what works best for you!


Women (and Men) want an instant solution to decrease their fine lines and wrinkles. Even younger women have problems with bags and puffiness under the eyes.


GENIE Instant Line Smoother is a clear cosmetic that in 2-3 minutes will smoothe away the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, bags and puffiness.


Where can I use GENIE Instant Line Smoother?

GENIE Instant Line Smoother can be used from your hairline to your bustline; anywhere you want younger smoother looking skin. Genie is great for bags and puffiness around the eyes and works wonders on crepey skin from your neck down onto your décolleté.

GENIE doesn't seem to work for me-- what am I doing wrong?

It may be a skin care item you are using is not absorbing fully into your skin. You need to make sure your moisturizer is full absorbed (where you can't see any "shine" sitting on your skin) before applying GENIE. Also make sure NOT to rub in GENIE. You need to apply it to your face but leave it "wet" looking. This will give you the best result.

How long does GENIE Last?

One application of GENIE will last all day until you wash it off.

Can I use GENIE with Make-up?

GENIE Instant Line Smoother can be used under your normal make-up. We also recommend you mix GENIE with your foundation or try GENIE Line-Smoothing Foundation.

What if GENIE turns white after applied?

GENIE has a built in indicator that lets you know if you have applied too much product. If the GENIE you have applied turns white, you have applied too much. Use a small amount of moisturizing gel or lotion to blend away the whiteness without losing your smooth new look. -

"My face feels tight…"

Some people may feel a slight tightening as the GENIE dries. This is perfectly normal and lets you know that the product is working. This feeling should subside after the product has fully dried.